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AURORA 1/48 US ARMOUR 1944- 1970

Ref 301 (321 , 062, gift set 206) Patton Tank . [1956] boxart : 1970

While the boxart depicts a M48 , it's really a M46 you get inside. Movable hatches, rotatable turret, elevating gun , 4 figures

The resulting model is rather correct when compared to the  Hunnicutt (Presidio) plans. Among the improvements you may want to  do, there are : detailing the front glacis, thining down the exhaust cover plates and reworking the Flak 0.303.

On our model, the side sand shields have been removed and a « canvas » cover  in two-component putty placed over the gun mask. The Tiger markings are typical of the Korean War.

Possible variations  :
M45 (change the gun), M26 (modify the rear deck and add new turret paniers) , M47 ( a new turret has to be scratch-built).

Our model on the right is reworked as a M26 Pershing around February-March 1945.

Ref 317 (329 , 072, Monogram 6034) Sherman [1968]

The kit model depicts a M4A3E8 « Easy Eight » version.with muzzle brake . Rotating turret; elevating gun, opening hatches, 4 figures.

The main problem with this kit is the front deck which is not wide enough by 2mm. This does not allow to include it in a collection side by side with the Bandai kits. Therefore it was easier to graft Aurora track system on the  chassis by Bandai.

For the sake of comparizon here are the Bandai and Aurora hulls side by side..

Ref 318, (060) MBT 70 [1969] . Boxart : Europe 1976?

The only injection kit of this most innovative experimental tank which has yet to be produced in 1/35. Rotating turret, elevating gun, opening hatch, fold-down Flak gun.figures.

Obviously Aurora worked from preliminary drawings as many exterior details are missing. Best forget the retractable 20mm gun gimmick and give it more details after cementing it in either deployed or stored configuration. The 20mm tube has been replaced by a needle. We strongly advise to glue the « hydropneumatic » suspension as this gadget does not really improve the kit..

The only true « mistake » is in the angle of the front glacis which is not sharp enough when compared to the plan in the Hunnicutt book. The main barrel also appears too thin.

The european-issue decal sheet features both US and German markings. However the German version was quite different from the US vehicle kitted notably around the rear deck (different engine inside).

Ref ??? Sheridan [Not issued]

Picture source : Kit Collectors Clearinghouse.

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