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Hasegawa JS-24 1/72 G4M1 Betty [1967]
First issue of this kit . Note the bizarre perspective of the background aircraft . This is the same kit which was also issued  by AMT and that FROG thought of reboxing.

Hasegawa K2 1/72 G4M1 + Ohka type 11 [1969]
Second issue with an additionnal sprue for the Ohka and accessories. The Ohka later was issued separately as a special « white box » .

Hasegawa JS-69 1/72 G4M1 + Ohka type 11 [1973]
Catalogue view of the built-up model . Now it would be considerated a rather « basic » kit. Note however the small cart used to carry the Ohka which is supplied in the kit.

Hasegawa K-002 1/72 G4M1 + Ohka type 11 [1981]
No remark  here excepted that it would be contrary to Kamikaze procedure to launch the Ohka while just above the target  (the Betty would have needed to survive to that point )

Hasegawa Qp-15 1/72 G4M1 Betty [1991]
In 1991 Hasegawa used trick photos by Shori Tanaka as boxart for its line of large Imperial Japanese aircraft .

Another view of QP-15 from the catalogue for the years  1992-3 . Illustration :  Shori Tanaka copyright 1992.

QP-15 again : this serves to illustrate that the Ohka was still included in the kit.

Hasegawa DO 102 1/72 G4M1 Betty avec Ohka [1998]
Special tie-in with the OVA « the Cockpit » Note that even at this stage this is still the old tooling which is used . The other kits issued in this line were from more recent molds..

Hasegawa CP7 1/72 Mitsubishi G4M2 Betty [1997]
This is the all new tooling kit issued in 1997 when Hasegawa thought of updating its line of classic Imperial Japanese aircraft. Note however that this is the largely different G4M2 which has been kitted here so the old kit is not redundant.
CP-8  is a reissue of this kit with an additionnal sprue to represent an Ohka mothership

Illustration from the catalogue dated 1998

Hasegawa SM-10 1/144 Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty  [???]
Reissue of the Imai-pedigree kit . This is  the best kit in this scale with finely detailed clear parts, landing gear ...