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Lindberg Line 576 (576-200 for the US market) 1/72 Mitsubishi Betty [1967]
In the middle of the sixties, Lindberg Line saw (at last?) the need for a common scale. 1/72 was (wisely?) chosen for WW2 subjects.  Among the rather odd subjects selected was this G4M2 Betty  . As usual with this manufacturer , detail was minimal (3 pilots on a plank in the cockpit) and even absent (Side gun positions were represented by mere decals). Some of the shapes appear dubious too

Lindberg 5305 1/72 Japanese Bomber « Betty » [1986]
Reissue of the previous kit without the smallest improvments. At least Lindberg boxart don't try to embalish the models : the cockpit structures are not even painted on the clear parts !

In 1998 the manufacturer issued this highly patriotic dogfight gift set in the die-hard style that seemed to have become passé with John Wayne movies.  Référence 70956 includes glue, 6 paint containers and  brush