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ADV-Azimut 1/35 SAM-2 Guideline [1997]
A limited production kit (300 units) which included resin parts plus the injection parts of Italeri pedigree for the ZIL 151 tractor . The kit included the tractor, the transport trailer and the missile . A large photoetched fret helped in detailing the truck and the trailer..

The missile with its launch ramp made up a second kit and you could even buy separately a set of  trailer axles for the launch ramp. No launch crew ever accompanied this model and it was left to the modeller to accomodate the various figures of Russian soldiers available. No decal was ever provided either so this missile was deplete of the many technical markings which are apparent on the real one

The complete trailer is among the most remarkable and imposing military kits of the recent years , comparable in size with the many tank transporters which have appeared recently.