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HAWK 514-100 « BETA-1 » Atomic Powered Bomber XAB-1 [1959]

This kit was issued in 1959 which means it pre-date the Impetus. Considering that out of four kits examined at least three are dated 1959-1960 it is interesting to see that in all probability the bogus "Russian Nuclear Bomber" in Aviation Week sired more kits than the founding (for this history) Life Magazine article. Note the white camouflage color underneath , typical of Strategic Air Command bombers of the time.

View of the main parts stuck together . The nuclear jets (direct types according to the instructions which reproduces the engine cutaway first seem in the Aviation Week  article about the pseudo Soviet A-plane) are positioned at the tip of the wings ,  the fuselage jet engines are chemical.

Another idea that was somewhat passé when the model was released was the "parasite fighter" concept . However very similar configurations dis appear in manufacturers proposals..

The recurring gimmick , also used on the V1, Ohka and Me 163 from the same manufacturer of the clear red flames !

This well thought design and "validated by a major aircraft manufacturer" was curiously reissued in 1964 at a time when A-planes were no longer "in" with the cancellation of the program in  1961 by President Kennedy

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