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AURORA Russian Nuclear Bomber : the Sources

Full page illustration appearing in Aviation Week dated 1st December 1958 . (collection Andy Yanchus)

Three-view drawing and title of the Aviation Week  article. Straight from the box , the kit is certainly rustic for its lack of details but  accurate in term of fidelity to the source . The gag was designed for the American Congress but it is Aurora which fell through it  (collection Andy Yanchus)

According to the Aviation Week article the reactors were of the simple and dirty direct type . A subtle anti-communist propaganda ? (collection Andy Yanchus)

Aviation Magazine( issue n°266 dated 1st January 1959) immediately saw some plot in getting more money for the USAF budget in this announcement. I wonder if the Pravda reacted too ? (author collection)

First public showing of the real Bounder at the Monino  1963 air display (reserved rights.)

The Bounder somewhat derelict at the Monino museum in the mid seventies. (reserved rights)

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