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Bonux Atomic Stratofortress : the sources

On the cover of  special issue "Aviation 1951"  of Sciences et Vie,  Paul Lengellé (future boxart artist at Heller) illustrates a similar -but swept-winged- aircraft , not yet an A-plane (author's collection)

Science & Vie issue n° 456 dated September 1955  reveals "the first blueprints for an A-plane"
Science & Vie actually quotes Life Magazine without precising the exact issue. (author's collection)

Another picture from the Science et Vie article .  (author's collection)

A definitive version of the same machine appears on this painting by Pierre Joubert for the cover of « Pilotes pour Demain » , a « docu-drama » by Jacques Pierroux published in 1956 chby  Marabout. (author's collection)

For those who would be tempted to call the previous sketches "journalist's fodder" , here is an artist impression of a large Delta A-plane proposed by Northrop . The legs are "radar stilts" used to help the landing procedure.   (document Northrop via Airpower , author's collection)

Another Northrop proposal , this time a tug which is designed to stay aloft for days, tugging airliners and sparing them fuel !!! (document Northrop via Airpower , author's collection)

The renegade A-plane is attacked by the hero's F84 in the pulp novel « Oasis K ne répond plus » (author's collection)

At the back of the « Oasis K » novel was a small « educationnal » section describing the A-plane with this sketch which appears lifted directly from Life Magazine (author's collection)

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