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BONUX : Atomic Stratofortress (1/?)

This 16 cm  long produced by an unknown manufacturer was available as a premium with  Bonux washing powder in the early sixties . It is based on the design published in Life Magazine during the fifties which had been largely reproduced in the French press. Text engraved under the wing describes the machine as being   USAF GDC .  The acronym « GDC »  may refer to  General Dynamics Corporation ?  This company was refered to in the Science & Vie magazine which first translated  the Life Magazine article .

The basic design is quite smaller than the two previous ones being more along the size of a B58 even if the cockpit area is grossly oversize .
This 5 parts kit is very interesting for the following reason :.
Cette maquette de … 5 pièces présente deux aspects particulièrement intéressants :

  • It is the only aircraft among the Bonux premiums which is of an original design . All the other premium kits of aircraft used by this brand are obvious reductions of Aurora, Airfix or Frog kits…
  • This machine appears in a French (actually Belgian) pulp novel of the time "Oasis K ne répond plus"  which makes it a "licensed" model of sorts ...

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