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AURORA 128 Russian Nuclear Bomber (1959)

Model : A. Yanchus
Photo :
M. Irvine

This kit is based upon an article published in  Aviation Week  1st december 1958 issue. It follows with great fidelity the three view drawing published down to the markings applied . The "Miyasischiev Bounder"  was then unknown in the West and the Aurora kit is still the only model of this interesting Russian bomber (scale is about 1/144)

Strangely in France "Aviation Magazine" strongly doubted the revelation of this A-plane by their AW colleagues and immediately reacted t (issue n°266 dated " 1er Janvier 1959")  by noticing the "opportunity" of this revelation at a time of  discussion  of the USAF budget. .

Four years later in RAF Flying Review vol XVII / N°3 , the model reviewer Michael Farmer  wrote in a now classic article titled "it's a Bounder , but..."  that under the fictious name stuck onto it by the manufacturer hides a  good 1/150 model of the Bounder . He even offered accurazing tips .

Illustration from the 1959 catalogue

A model restored by Mat Irvine, famous model reviewer specializing in advanced technology subjects… (photo : Mat Irvine)

Strangely in 1962 the UK agent of Aurora announces as new for X-mas the two fake Russian aircraft which are a bit difficult to swallow for the least knowledgeable aviation enthusiast of the period even though the Bounder had not yet been made public .   (author's collection)

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