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The African, Felines myth

For some unknown reason many kit manufacturers wanted us to believe that the Panther and other German Panzers with cat names were sent to Africa (actually only the early Tiger made it)….

Very recognizable Pzkw V Pänther  are bombed somewhere in Africa by an american A20 which still sports the yellow-circled stars used during Operation Torch in November 1942! This markings adds an anachronism to the scenario as the Panther appeared only in mid-43!(from Revell catalogue  74)

A lot of displaced German big beasties suround the Fi 156 of  Wűstennotstaffel by Airfix : not only Panther (at left ) but an Elefant  to top it (at right)!

The « Battlefront » series by Airfix  was supposed to be educational : so what are doing at El Alamein  in October 1942, steel-wheeled Tigers (1944) and Sdkfz234/4 (introduced in December 1944)????.