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Physical Impossibilities

A common occurrence in comics books : a vehicle going through an arch not wide enough for it etc… this kind of mistakes also happens on boxarts.

America is always at the top ! It managed to put a B36 in orbit (see the Earth curvature in the background of this Aurora catalogue scan -hence the poor quality of the picture-) . That would have been something else than a mere Sputnik no ?

Similarly Craft tried to have us believe the X2 went to the Moon !

Revell Dambuster 's boxart is a classic . But then have you tried to guess the trajectory of this Lancaster ? It must have have made a sharp 90° turn to be where it is now i?

Which way is the wind blowing on this Revell Victory boxart ? The sails are billowing from a left to right wind but the ensign is flowing right to left !

I am no naval expert but let me doubt a heavy cruiser like the Admiral Hipper. Can go that quick in such a high see so to show all her underwater hull ! Boxart Revell in the 70s

Magnificient boxart from the DML/Dragon He 219 but how comes a blazing Lancaster  behind the night fighter can illuminate the front of it ? Should not the Heinkel appear dark against the bright light in the background ?