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What you see on the box is not always what you get inside...

Those Airfix Japanese troops are in fact illustrated using a picture of their opponents : the Chinese army

(with all thanks to JM Garel for pointing out this one)

Even in SF you can do mistakes (We suspect here it was done on purpose to recycle some kits) Here you therefore have part of the UFO (SHADO) Moonbase with Thunderbirds mini-vehicles … an unic opportunity for the Thunderbird 4 submarine to navigate the Lunar seas ! . Imai circa 1979

Strange companions : an US prototype aircraft fighting side to side with a British centurion tank ? ITC second half of the fifties

In this Aurora box for a « Patton tank » you find a M46 but what is pictured here is actually a M48 Patton II .

« Games », « Playkit » ou « Unikit » were names used by an Italian company that made a speciality of mixing contents and illustrations. Here comes the boxart for the Ta 152 (well approximately) in 1/200 under the label Playkit

Just in case you thought this was an occasionnal slip from this manufacturer  have a look at this rearside of an helicopter kit by this same manufacturer .

Finally the Messerchmitt Bf 109G-6 by  Polistil with a boxart neatly illustrated by a picture of the rare Heinkel He 100