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Drawing Mistakes

We could have placed them with the physical impossibilities but here the action is not irreal  just silly or badly drawn

We all know this model has many wrong details but here the question is : at what is the background vehicle firing ?(Airfix , Roy Cross)

Same manufacturer(Airfix) , same illustrator (Roy Cross) and same mistake: obviously we are at the top of a hill (see the horizon behind the left crewmember and the guncarriage) and the 6lb a short-range AT gun is firing at birds ...

Not exactly a mistake but too much confidence in Airfix R&D department let Roy Cross add the fictious Sdkfz234/4 in his P40E boxart (considering that the scene is st around 1943 , it is still an anachronism)

Kamikaze alert ! Putting two fighting aircraft very near is a common mistake caused by the wish to have both opponents in the same picture.(Airfix Roy Cross)

At least two mistakes in this Airfix boxart for the assault on Roman fort reissue:

  • First has painted it is the Celt chariot that comes out of the fort !
  • Then the Fort should not be used alone as a medieval castle but is actually a fortified door through the Hadrian wall

That's over the top ! Putting the launchbase onto the missile transport rack on this Airfix Craftmaster Bristol Bloodhound kit.

A radioactive King Kong (and Fay Wray) ? That's the impression one could get from this ludicrous attempt to illustrate in the boxart the glow in the dark feature of this Aurora model

A mistake in colours is rare . But it could happen when you ask a military specialist like Komatsuzaki-san to illustrate a SF subject . And that's how Lady penelope got her Rose-Royce in blue on this Imai boxart

Here nothing to say : just plain bad ! (from a Polish kit of the 80s)

A LM and Apollo CSM in white ? That's no artist mistake because the Revell kit actually depicts the never-flown prototypes. The blooper is here to put them on the Moon !

On this illustration from the Frog catalogue you see one of their 1/16 car kits.  However not the strange effect of the windshield glass which turns the face of the driver black and white ...

We will stop here with these color-related bloopers . Let's just hope this Revell-Lodela kit of the Japanese J1N1-S Gekko do not include instructions refering to the boxart for painting the model