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6- The champion of creativity : Revell

Very early Revell showed a great creativity in displaying its aircraft models. It is indeed the only kit manufacturer to have actually sold separately display accessories : the Revell-O-Rama was a background picture similar in concept to what is commonly used for trains . The « Starburst » illustrated below is a curiously stick and ball arrangement which could hold many models   In 2001 Revell  has again proved its originality in applying magnetic levitation to aircraft models.

Revell once issued this mobile which came with WW1 aircraft . Monogram had the same idea but with ...missiles

The Starburst was sold without any model but included a dozen of long sticks which could be linked through the central ball . A retro-sixties effect guaranted with this one ..

The magnetic levitation was presented (here the full page of the French Revell Catalogue) in 2001 and introduced first with 1/144 jets then with WW1 and WW2 fighters


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