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1963 : Generic support for Tamiya 1/72 aircraft . Style and elegance from Japan
Élévation : environ 7 cm

Most kit manufactuers have one day or another included stands or supports in  their aircraft kits .  There were even rotating stands in car kits

These are now more less a dead species like dinosaurs . Maybe this is somewhat linked to the evolution of modelling in general . Originally model aircraft find their source in recognition models used by army pilots during WW2, so the aircraft had to pictured flying. In truth some of the early kits did not even include parts for the  landing gear so the support was a necessity.
When the model became a toy it still had to give ra representation of the aircraft « in action » hence flying . Sometime this even led manufacturers to do retracting undercarriage in their models. It also had an impact on the support device which got « multi-functionnal » like when it was called upon to hide the batteries for the small motor that made the propeller turn. With the present day trend toward hyper-realism any support device would be detrimental and with every kit manufacturer penny pinching it spares them the cost to design and inject two plastic parts ...
Actually the demand for supporting devices must be low because no manufacturer except Zvezda (and we have yet to actually see a box in a shop) offers separate stands in their range (contrary for exemple to wargame figure companies).
So embark on Modelarchives time-machine to see what has been offered in term of stands and supports by aircraft kit manufacturers.
With all best thanks to Andy Yanchus for his excellent response time !

Simple display stands : standard

Simple display stands : specific to a peculiar kit

orientable display stands : standard

multiple aircraft display stand

multifonctions display stands

The champion of unusual display stands: Revell

Hawk /Testors standardised this highly unusual display stand for its line of racer kits.
Élévation : 12 cm

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