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Books and Kits reviews and even " "modellers musings". Jit just lacks a few old goodies [****]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese aircraft and aircraft carriers . Includes specialized BBS, wrecks and preserved aircraft walk-around . Everything I tell you [*****]

The site for the fans of this favorite British manufacturer. Includes a lot of old boxes, national variants etc… [****]

This site which is constantly updated features a lot of information regarding the weird & fantastic weapons of the Imperial Japanese Army of WW2 [****]

A must-see site  for fans of weird machines [*****]

Among the rare sites devoted exclusively to reviews of past kits . However this one tends to concentrate on automotive subjects.. [**]

L'IPMS - France: the oldest modelling organization in France[**]

A site for WW2 aces enthusiasts. Beside models this site also features colour profiles. [***]

A Belgian aircraft modelling with a nice collection of boxarts[***]

The IPMS Belgium site[***]

IPMS Angleterre . N'oublions pas qu'IPMS fut fondé en Angleterre en 1963 et que les Anglais sont moralement et légalement dépositaires du nom…[***]

Fox One : BD et Aviation : un must [***]