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August 2002

Have fun with our test : What kind of modeler are you ? See Here.

Aurora is mostly known for its licenced and figure subjects. Yet it also produced a nice range of military kits in 1/48 (some subjects are still not available anywhere else in injection kit), therefore pre-dating by a good thirty years the current interest in this scale and allowing for a direct comparizon between aircraft and armour.
That's our story today:
Aurora military series

And do not forget :

  • Boxart Bloopers Part One :  to begin with the fun side of the hobby a collection of various mistakes made by illustrators on the top of our favorite boxes
  • Display stands : a brief history of the different solutions offered by kit manufacturers to fake flight
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  • All the models of...the Sam-2 missile : again with comments and boxarts.
  • All the models of...the A-plane model kits : During the late fifties there waere a lot of speculations about the imminent first flight of a nuclear-powered aircraft (dubbed the A-plane for Atomic(powered) airplane) . Many kit manufacturers, came up with various model kits of such Nuclear powered aircraft . That's our story :

Have fun  !

JC Carbonel