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Reply to the series of questions below and note whether  you choose reply A, B, C, D, E . Then goes (via the link at the end of the test) to the second page to see the results.

Question 1
The Titanic is sinking. What do you do ?
A--In the panic no one will notice if you visit the "crew only" sections of the ship
B--you take a nut as a memento of the color of the hull
C--you take a photo of the iceberg
D--you "salvage" that great desk model in the Captain's office
E--you go straight to the life boats

Question 2
Scratch-building : what does it mean to you ?
A-- It doesn't make much of a difference with common kits. Anyway they are all inaccurate and I have to cut them to pieces to get a decent model.
B--Sure it would be nice to have a 1/12th scale model of  "Dragon and his tail" !
C--That's the only option if you want to model the opposing Syldaskian forces in the Gran Gato war of 1903.
D--It certainly would be nice to have an unique model but I am not a good enough illustrator to paint the boxart.
E--See my arms ? At home,  the scratch expert  is obviously the cat.

Question 3
You have a lost a tiny photo-etched part in the carpet
A--Luckily that was etched from steel : you sweep the carpet with a powerful magnet
B--No problemo ! With a good weathering no one will notice.
C--No problemo ! I can still do the machine flown by Ivan-the-terrible at  the battle of Rio de Oro in 1815.
D--It would be a great pity to loose parts  after I bought the special, limited, Hi-Tech version
E--Where is the vacuum-cleaner ?

Question 4
At a flea-market you have found for a mere 3 bucks the ultra-rare Shlmutz P-3 in 1/32 made by  Fujitaki in 1955
A--You throw away the kit after noticing the wing span is too short by .68 mm
B--You complain that the version depicted in the box never sported any sharkmouth markings.
C--You rush to your nearest bookshop to buy the autobiography of the only Ace on this aircraft  (50$) , the two available monographies (100$ and 70$),  the  set of blueprints in 1/10 scale  (20 £) and finally conclude that the model is all wrong.
D-- Great, that's the version « famous blunders of the world » which was supposed to have never been issued
E--The great thing with those old kits : they were meant to be built by kids so they can be done swiftly in just a week-end.

Question 5
For your vacations you prefer :
A--a week at the Confederate Air Force
B--a week of trekking on Peleliu atoll with wrecked Zero and Betty never touched by human hands since 1945.
C--a week with your favorite Ace
D--a week trip beginning at Calais  (a former Frog factory Frog also used by  Airfix) , then Margate (former  Frog factory) then  London, Haldane Place (former Airfix factory)
E--a week at  the Club Med Djerba for two people.

Question 6
For you what best express eroticism in modeling ?
A--selecting one's modelling subjects on the basis of aerodynamics only . Example  « sabrinas » on a Hunter
B--selecting one's modelling subjects on the basis of the pin-up art .
C--building only airplanes flown by famous aviatrix
D--Aurora's original "Bride of Frankenstein" , Mint in Box
E--any pin-up figure.

Question 7
You are offered a famous one of a kind model . Which one do you choose ?

A--the see-through Mirage F1 from Paris Musée de l'Air
B--this authentic Junkers desk model of the Ju 288 guaranteed to be in real 70/71/65 paintscheme
C--the windcanal model of the Coléoptère at the Paris Musée de l'Air, all that survives of this strange program.
D--The USS Enterprise (from Star Trek) at the NASM
E--The Oscar statuette.

Question 8
Your uncle has built a time-machine and he offers that you test it
A--You go back to the 19 february  1945 in Prague to see if Richard Miethe actually (or not) flew his Flugkreisel (saucer)
B--You go back to the 9 may 1945 at Bad Aibling  to photograph in color  me 109, fw190, etc…
C--You go back to the middle of the Pacific on 1st july 37 to try to save Amelia Earhart
D--You go back to  1969 and buy one hundred kits of  Aurora's B-70
E--You go back the past week after buying your local sport journal to win all the horse races.

Question 9
A well known manufacturer has (at last) released a model of the Zdumratz ZAT-77 which you have been hoping for for years However upon arriving at your modelshop you notice that , as he always do the manufacturer has issued many versions from its tooling and you have only money for one kit. Which kit do you buy ?:
A--The clear model with full interior details including photoetched electrical wiring.
B--The « Tiger meet » issue with sharkmouth markings
C--The one with decals for the machine flown by Dimitri Ghonometry,  the ace with 3,14116 victories
D--The special numbered version "50th Anniversary" (gold plated)
E--The cheapest version

Question 10

Which of the following kits (all actually issued) do you consider to be the more reasonable to produce for a kit manufacturer
A--a Westinghouse nuclear power station  with cut-away reactor
B--a full-size kitten with woollball
C--the bridge on Kwai River
D--Whatever , they are all rare and next impossible to find by now
E-- a Black Forest Clock (functionnal)

Question 11
Each time you buy for 10 bucks of kits , you estimate you also buy

A--50 bucks of detailing accessories
B--50 bucks of decals
C--50 bucks of reference books
D--nothing. I only buy kits.
E--50 bucks of beer

Question 12
Would you rather say

A--Truth is in the box
B--Truth is in the color profiles
C--Truth is in the reference books
D--Truth is in the Kit Collectors Clearinghouse Value Guide
E--In vino veritas (Truth is the wine bottle)

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