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Bad Taste

Against all the wishes of the marketing departments some of the boxarts are far from being « politically correct ». These are not the easier bloopers to spot (except one)but are certainly among the funniest...

Look at the lower right : at Airfix they don't hesitate to fire on ambulances...

And here we have the British Army in full retreat ! Yes : the truck with the gun comes from the right and right is where the rest of the battery is firing ! Airfix in the sixties !

An horrifying sight : a Hellcat that tries to land on the carrier with bomb and drop tanks : a traitor-kamikaze ? And then if you look closely you see the carrier has an angled deck so ithis picture is also an anachronism...That's a problem with Lindberg Line : so many bloopers on the same picture , we don't know here to put them catalogue 1964/65)

The Ghost of the Neanderthal Man . Not a Doc Savage adventure but a somewhat spooky boxart by Glencoe for a kit originated by ITC...

« I am a Lindy Loony Repulsive»  (by the Lindberg Line) .  That's what the boxart itself claims !
But then if you have one of those critters in your basement , please tell us, the webmaster likes figurinistic challenges!

On the left you can see a Russian soldier surrendering … If you thought ESCI boxarts only promoted gallant and heroic fighting for the fun of it , that's not true ….

This Renwal missile kit shows an enemy bomber exploding over  an American city . In 1959 this could have been the near future...fortunately it was not ...

Primary anti-communism ? The tanks being bombed by this SB-2 in this Frog boxart look like badly drawn T-62 (which add anachronism to bad taste !)