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1- Simple standard display stand

Airfix has always chamionned simple standard stands . Here you have the two versions used with « series1 » and « series2 » kits : on the left the modern type(from 1965 to about 1990 ), on the right the old style (before 1965) There were variants in the style of the slot arrangement. You got three perfectly similar versions that grew larger with the kit (élévation (about) 5; 7 ; and10 cm). A few kits got the larger 10 cm elevation model molded in black like the 2000 vintage reissue of the Orion Spacecraft.

Aurora also promoted a standard clear stand with two different size 7 and 10 cm and most notably a different map engraved for a different market : on the left you see the model for the European market , on the right the two Americas for the American market

The « European » map of Aurora is  rather oddly pictured (underlined in blue here) and displays an unified Germany with Berlin as its capital (in red here) (this particular sample comes from a 1958 vintage kit)

.In Europe the Italians Aermec (left) and  Italaerei (right ) also promoted standardized clear display stand . Note the European map on Aermec's model which is not much more accurate than Aurora's

The Lindberg Line used this standardized stand for its smaller kits . It also existed in clear plastic
Elévation : 5 cm

The Chinese company Galaxy use this standardized stand which is original in being injected in two colours.
Elévation : 5 cm

Plainest than plain ! Socialist sobriety from Ogoniek . The bright blue colour is odd
Elévation : 8 cm

Revell only introduced standardized display stands with its 600-series of 1/72 aircraft

Aliplast used this original black display stand
Elevation : 5 cm

Nice and clean this display stand is perfectly appropriate for Eaglewall 1/96 aircraft line. (élévation : 5 cm)

The curious display stand sold (seen any in shops?) by Zvezda appeared in their 2000 catalogue

Citadel/Games Workshop is a manufacturer of gaming products that actually sell bags of display stands from  2,5 cm / 3, 5 cm (bag of small stands) to  4,5 cm and 5,5 cm (large stands)