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3- Orientable Standard Display Stands

One of the pionneers of the orientable stand was Lindberg line which used a soft metal bar to achieve the orientation. Note that although standardized each stand featured a plate with the name of the model engraved on it Elévation : 10 cm

Another pioneer was Solido who first used the ball and socket arrangement later used by many manufacturer. The small bag includes the steel ring necessary to block the two hemispheres of the socket.
Elévation : 8 cm

After using standard display stands during ten years Frog introduced an orientable stand in the seventies (1973?) The stand came with a patch of double-face .Scotch tape so one could stick it on the wall : a risky business .
Contrary to this catalogue illustration , all the stands encountered by the author at the time were molded in blue..
Elévation : 10 cm