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5- multifonctions stands

A typical multi-function stand here with Monogram Phantom Mustang : the stand also contains the batteries for powering the electrical functions. The Huey even dispense with the elevating arm of the stand.

In Heller's stand for  the 1/50 Mirage III (note the design was obviously inspired by Solido earlier stand) is not only used for supporting the model in mock flight but by moving it backward you could operate « automatically » the deploiment of the landing gear !

Possibly the strangest of all the functionnal stands is this one by Lindberg Line that includes a miniature stick to enable you to remote pilot your model !

This stand by Otaki is not bad either . The text on the side alludes to motorization and light effects so , as usual , the true purpose of the nice dioram airfield is to hide the batteries  [ illustration : collection Andy Yanchus]