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Boxarts Bloopers [Part 1]

This Focke Wulf 190F-8 by Aurora carries strange markings :  the code « T2-116 » (in red on the fin and rudder) shows it is an aircraft tested by the US Air Force at Freeman Field between May and August 1946. After its surrendering at Neubiberg it was brought back to the USA aboard HMS Reaper with Colonel Watson's jet collection ...Therefore what does it do among a box of B17s??

In this dossier we cover the numerous mistakes made by boxtops illustrators : anachronism, drwing mistakes, bad taste or just plain physical impossibilities

We do not intend to list them all . Just to add a few humorous comments to this hobby . However we are already at work preparing part 2 « Boxart Bloopers : the return »  , so if you know any funny blooper just do not hesitate to contact the webmaster
HERE . (No need to send a picture, we have an extensive boxart collection)

Was Aoshima willing to do a purely alternate world with its illustration for the Vostok transporter :
- a 50s era soviet-designed rocket
- a fictional transport truck
- Nazi Wehrmacht soldiers
WW2 era Kubelwagen
- a Bo 105 helicopter (Germany, 70s)
Certainly one of the best collection of bloopers in a single boxart !


African Felines myth

Physical Impossibilities

Bad Taste

Drawing mistakes